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The Ferenczy Family

Károly Ferenczy, who had grown up without a mother, came to value his home and his family as an indispensable emotional and intellectual environment throughout his entire life. A host of his paintings can testify for his deep attachment to his loved ones. For the viewers of his paintings, the interiors of the family house, along with its garden and numerous objects in the Ferenczy household, have become intimately familiar sights. His choice of profession was greatly influenced by his future wife, Olga Fialka, who herself had studied to become a painter. Later Olga gave up her dreams to become an artist and instead devoted her life to the tasks of raising her children and supporting her husband in the achievement of a successful artistic career. Influenced by the father, the first-born son, Valér Ferenczy, made up his mind to become a painter already at an early age, while the twins, Noémi and Béni, found an outlet for their talents in other branches of art. Noémi Ferenczy became the founder and the outstanding master of Hungarian tapestry, while Béni Ferenczy grew into one of the crucial figures of 20th century Hungarian sculpture. Every member of the family made creative contributions to art.