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Apoca lypse

By the turn of 20th century an out-and-out chaos of social and cultural values and sensations of life had settled in. While Europe, resounding with the clamour of peoples, was preparing for conflict, Hungary was full of internal tensions, which not only shocked the individual-who was all but torn from his national community-but also threatened to abolish all sense of unity and community. The world was pervaded with angst, and art provided it with an abundance of visions. Fin de siecle Hungary, fragmented into a multitude of microcosms, had become the subject of ever bleaker artistic visions. The Hungarian landscape ceased to be nature bathed in sunshine, humanised with work and colourful folk costumes; it was now extended to include miserable cottages dwarfed by an overtowering stormy sky-fragile domains of people lonesome even within village communities. Offering an artistic synthesis of this mood, János Tornyai's Gloomy Hungarian Destiny shows a lean horse staggering about in the desolate Puszta, the scene of past deeds of Hungarian heroism and bygone days of buoyant national life.

Our exhibition is concluded by war scenes indicating the disrupted integrity of the commonwealth of nations. At the feet of the mountains symbolising the power of the Monarchy there are the alternating scenes of regiments of soldiers hastily mobilised in the name of the homeland, queues in front of the soup kitchen, which show the impersonal, depoetised face of history. Universal human suffering finally amalgamates all its figures into a unifying confraternity.