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Portraiture enjoyed a prominent place in Károly Ferenczy's oeuvre: almost one-fourth of his paintings are portraits. Reflecting the artist's deep empathy, Ferenczy's portraits, which captured the likeness of close friends, fellow artists and relatives, testify for his excellent feel for characterization as well as his profound knowledge of human nature. Befitting to an artist committed to the classical ideals of beauty, and reminiscent of Renaissance portraits featuring a landscape background seen through an open window, Ferenczy's portraits often presented the sitter in front of some of the artist's earlier landscapes, as was the case of Mrs Vilmos Grünwald's portrait or the profile representation of Rudolf Léderer's daughter.

In addition to the depictions of István Csók and Cézár Herrer, the list of portraits representing the artist's circle of friends was enriched by a work loaned from a Slovakian public collection, which captured the likeness of Olivér Gömöry, a judiciary with a piercing look. Of the artist's commissioned works, we ought to mention the journalist Dezső Malonyay's portrait, along with a double portrait featuring the lawyer Béla Jánossy (and his wife), which had been missing for a while, and the likeness of the banker József Lukács. The latter person, a widely recognized collector specializing in the works of the Hungarian Avant-garde group known as "The Eights", himself owned several compositions by Ferenczy.