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Nagybánya - The Landscape and the People

In moving from Munich to Nagybánya in May 1896, Ferenczy followed the example of Simon Hollósy's free school. Back in the Bavarian capital, where he had painted such works as "Birdsong" or "Orpheus", compositions that were halfway between plein-air painting and Impressionism, he had already demonstrated an interest in the harmonious bonding between humans, Nature and art. At Nagybánya he became so overwhelmed by the extraordinary beauty of the natural surrounding that in the first five years, when he spent most of his time there, he mostly painted landscapes and biblical and genre scenes set in a landscape surrounding. The sunlight increasingly came to assume the "central role" in his pictures, enhancing, rather than dulling, the colorfulness of the scenery. It would not be easy to identify the major pieces of this period, but if pressed to choose one would go with "October" and "Summer Morning" and the scenes depicting bathers.