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Prints And Drawings

Károly Ferenczy's sketches executed in the course of his academic studies and study trips between 1884 and 1887 document the period of his artistic preparation - they give evidence of a nearly two-year-long Italian trip and the powerful impact of classical culture on his entire oeuvre. The autonomous drawings show portraits and genre scenes executed in fine tones and painterly hues. However, a significant portion of the works on paper actually consisted of sketches and studies made for paintings. Ferenczy's drawings and prints include numerous pieces inspired by works of literature. Beside his illustrations for books by Imre Madách, Sándor Bródy and Mihály Vörösmarty, his major undertaking in this regard was a fourteen-piece series of paintings and drawings to illustrate a book of poems by József Kiss which was published in 1897.

The artist's contribution to graphic design also included numerous posters. When the works of the Nagybánya artists colony were presented to the Budapest audience Ferenczy designed the posters, the same way that he designed all the publications accompanying his first individual exhibition in the National Salon in 1903.

The recollections of friends and relatives all confirm that Ferenczy was an extremely private person who lived an introverted and secluded life. Notwithstanding this, he completed a large number of caricatures, capturing the likenesses of his artist friends and some of the characteristic figures of Nagybánya's public life in drawings that leave to posterity evidence of his refined sense of humour.