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Creative Process

In the process of perfecting his compositions, Károly Ferenczy's attention to details and unremitting resolve to discover the essential elements was unrivalled. He could spend weeks or months working on a single composition. He tried to discover the most effective way of cropping, sometimes he did not even hesitate to cut up the already finished composition into pieces. Initially, he was content to keep refining the same composition. From the early 1910s, however, he started to work simultaneously on parallel variations. The artist himself preferred to call this process as the "preparation on different canvases". In this particular unit of the exhibition the viewers can study the oil paintings made on Mount Izvora near Nagybánya so as to discover the slight variations between the identical landscape motifs. And this is also the place where the audience can discover the interesting similarities between the monumental canvases entitled "Evening", where they can see the Arcadian-style repetitions of the male figures leaving for their evening swim in the dusky light. Further workshop secrets are revealed by the oil sketch and the drawing study accompanying the "Portrait of Pál Szinyei Merse", along with the collection of ink drawings made in preparation for "Pieta" and "Female Nude against a Red Background", the latter composition evoking the works of Renaissance masters. Together they give the viewers a glimpse of how masterpieces are born. These series of drawings permit the audience to study the artist's contemplative working method of building his compositions by allowing the contrasts between dark and light.