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Biblical Compositions

What irresistibly drew him to these tasks [the biblical scenes] was that such time-honoured themes enwrapped in the most elevated emotional patina offered him the best means to do away with "man's interconnection with Nature surrounding him", the artist's son, Valér Ferenczy, wrote in a book he published about his father. Into these biblical scenes, from "The Prodigal Son", the earliest one completed still back in Szentendre, to "Pieta" painted twenty years later, Ferenczy compressed all his ideas about life, morality, culture and, last but not least, painting. His depictions of biblical themes at the same time summarize his past experiences and signal his formulation of a new artistic approach. "Sermon on the Mountain", "The Magi" and "The Sacrifice of Abraham", along with the later versions of "Deposition", are closely related to the Nagybánya landscape of "biblical monumentality", while the "The Adoration of the Magi" and "Pieta" explore the possibility of creating a modern, classical mode of expression in painting.