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The Last Viennese Patron of Károly Markó, the Elder

Károly Markó was under the patronage of Baron Johann Jakob von Geymüller (1760-1834) as early as his formative years in Kismarton (presently Eisenstadt, Austria), and continued to primarily work for him while travelling with Károly Vandrák in the County of Gömör (presently Gemerská župa, Slovakia) at the beginning of the 1830s. Several of the Geymüllers, originally of Swiss descent, were operating in Vienna as bankers as well as playing an important role in contemporary public life. During these years Markó painted quite a few pictures for Johann Jakob von Geymüller, mainly depicting mythological scenes, and subsequently compiled an incomplete list of them. This is the first time his portraits of the Baron and his wife are on display, thereby giving an insight into his now forgotten portraiture which actually enabled him to make his living during his years in Vienna. These two pictures should be considered as two separate portraits. Yet, they are obviously related. The couple is seated to face each other almost in a symmetrical position in front of two windows overlooking the Hollenburg Estates. We can conclude on the basis of their dating, 1834, that they should be his last pictures painted before his leaving for Italy. Several of the pictures painted by Markó for the Baron are still in the possession of the family.