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Balázs Kicsiny: Migrating interpretation

Third location: 7 July, 2011 - 4 September

The third scene of Migrating Interpretation-in addition to the scenes associated with The Fool of Syracuse by István Farkas and the Christ Trilogy by Mihály Munkácsy-has been "staked out" by Viktor Madarász's painting entitled The Mourning of László Hunyadi.
In order to emphasize the composition's coordinate system, the figures of Migrating Interpretation are sending out signs and conducting geometrical gymnastics. Their faces are hidden behind beehives, the same way that László Hunyadi's face is hidden under the drape. The lamp in the hands of one of the figures makes a direct reference to the candlelight of the candelabra next the catafalque, while the black-and-white pattern of the church floor is repeated on the flags held by one of the other figures.
Mourning is the time for both remembrance and an embarkation on a journey. It is the beginning of the journey that takes us from finite existence to infinity. The aircraft handlers shown in Migrating Interpretation try to give directions in this burial ritual, even though they are fully aware of their profane ineffectuality.